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What make us different? The difference is that we are in Spain and we are local.
In Spain, be able to achieve good and quick results for administrative works, you must deal in person and meet face to face in offices.
Also familiarity with the Spanish language and Spanish culture is one of the most important factors in the success of administrative work in this country.
We have 25 years of experience working in Europe, we are fluent in Spanish, English and Chinese languages therefore we are able to provide the best services cooperating closely with professional Spanish lawyers as well as connection with immigration officers to make things easier and faster

Trusting, The First Condition

We are a consulting team to help you become a citizen by buying property, we are not a seller. You will be with you from the moment you enter Spain until you get your keys and residency. Contact us to get the initial free consultation after reading the Golden Visa website, but be sure to read the FAQ page before contacting us
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The rules and regulations of Spanish residency and even any other country may change at any times depending on the economic and political conditions of that country, so to ensure the accuracy of the information, all the information contained on this website updated once a month with the website of the Spanish Immigration Service, and the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Golden Viza Services

The Golden Visa team provide a special package with wide range of services that will cover all your needs, here are some of the services that our team can provide you with immigration or investment in Spain


Meet Our Team

The Golden Viza immigration counseling team is run by Mr. Bayat. Who are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese and Persian. He live in the UK and live in Spain for six months of the year.

Babak Bayat

CEO | General Manager

Mr. Ehteshami lives in Tehran and helps us with matters related to the Spanish embassy, ​​including counseling for Schengen visa applications, appointments, relevant forms and translation work.

Iraj Ehteshami

Administrative Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in Iran

maria jose golden visa

Mr. Clemente is the director of a real estate agency that works with several Spanish banks to sell properties that have been confiscated by banks and are now available for sale at a lower price.

Climente Sanchez

Business Manager