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There are many questions we have answered about obtaining a residence permit in Spain

Under Spanish law, any foreigner who buys property in Spain must pay 10% tax to the government. In addition to taxes, there are about 4% of additional costs, including the cost of registering a property in your official name, the cost of a lawyer if needed, and the cost of renaming bills such as water, electricity, gas, and telephone…

With a passport, a Spanish ID number and the amount paid in your personal bank account in a Spanish bank, you will only be able to buy property in Spain

It depends on the facilities of the complex, so that if the complex has a swimming pool, a gym, an elevator, etc., the charge will be higher. Example: An apartment charge of 100,000 euros is about 40-60 euros per month

No. It is possible to obtain a non lucrative visa without a language certificate

You are not allowed to work in this way (you cannot be hired anywhere) but you can start your own business

Your temporary residency will only be extended if you have been in Spain for at least six months each year, after five years you will be granted permanent residence in Spain, provided that you do not leave the country for more than 12 consecutive months.

No criminal record for the past five years •

Not to be present in Spain illegally •

Have health insurance •

Sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family •

Additional costs of the application form •

Applications for applicants’ visas will be announced within one to three months of applying for a long-term Spanish visa

Yes, you are allowed to travel to all Schengen countries

Yes. Unlike your Non Lucrative Visa visa, you and your family are allowed to work in Spain

You are any time you wish allowed to sell your property, but if your want is to get a residence permit in Spain, you must keep your property until you receive your permanent residence permit, which will be after five years living in Spain

To get a Spanish passport, you must have lived in Spain continuously for ten years. After living in Spain for five years, you will receive permanent residency, which means that there is no limit to how much you can live outside of Spain, but if you intend to obtain Spanish citizenship, you must not be abroad for more than a year

No. To qualify for a the Golden visa, you need to invest € 500k in total it can be five property each one hundred thousand euro

No. It is possible to obtain a financial capability visa without a language certificate

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Yes. To study English language you need to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 4.5 and 6 if you want to study in the University.

Yes, you allowed to work maximum 20 hours per week

No, you can not change your student visa to work visa but after your graduation you can get temporary permit that allow you to search for job and then can apply for work permit

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