Spain Golden Visa

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by purchasing a property (€ 500,000 +) called Golden Visa or Investment Visa, which is a very popular way for many investors to move to the Schengen area and settle in Europe by purchasing a property. Also they can earn about 8% of their investment by renting out that property without the need to be in Spain.

Applicants must purchase a property in Spain for at least € 500,000, also need to mention that it is possible with less money with other methods to get a residency in Spain if you want to know more about this method, read our Non Lucrative Visa article.

The Golden Visa or Investment Visa is a well-known law, and only administrative and legal procedures must be followed, which means that obtaining a residence permit by this method is definite.

Investing in this method has certain advantages, the most important of which are:

  • The visa will include all the family
  • You can earn significant income from renting these properties.
  • The average increase in housing prices in Spain is 12%.
  • Free education for children in schools and universities
  • There is no need to be present (183 days a year) in Spain
  • Bank account in Spain and the whole EU
  • Visa-free travel to other European countries
  • Starting a business and making money
  • Full citizenship of European countries


The steps are as follows: The applicant must first apply for a 3-month Schengen (tourist) visa in Spain. From the time of entry, he has three months to buy the property and register the property in Spain land registry in its own name. In order to apply for a Spanish Golden Visa, the applicant can apply for a Spanish residence permit in Spain after purchasing the property

But in order to be allowed to buy a property, you must have a foreign ID number from the police department (NIE), it usually take three month to get an appointment for NIE but we can book an appointment for you in just one week.

Upon acceptance of the Spanish Golden Visa application, the applicant will receive a one-year visa if apply outside Spain or two years Visa if apply in Spain, which can be extended permanently after living five years in the Spain, just need to visit Spain for at least one day a year. If the applicant intends to receive permanent residence in Spain, he must live in Spain for at least six months each year, then if he live in Spain for a total of five years, he can apply for permanent residence in Spain. If doesn’t need the permanent residency and doesn’t want to spend six month a year in Spain then the two years Visa can renew for the rest of his life.

If the applicant has children between the ages of 6 and 16, they must study in schools in Spain during these five years, provided that the purpose of the investment is only to obtain a Spanish visa and ease of travel, and that the applicant does not need to obtain permanent residency, then here is no need to stay in Spain or enrollment of children in schools.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ page.

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