Please ensure that you are fully aware of all passport and visa requirements and that you allow adequate time to obtain them. We recommend that you travel with a passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months remaining at all times. This is an immigration requirement for many countries and airlines. Please check with your travel consultant if you will not have the recommended validity whilst travelling. Please also ensure there are sufficient blank pages to allow for any visas which may need to be obtained en route. Passports should be Machine Readable for travel to/via the USA. Please call our visa service if you are unsure if your passport is Machine Readable. Trailfinders offers a UK passport renewal service along with a visa service for many countries.  Visa requirements are only noted for those destinations / countries booked by Trailfinders. If you intend visiting or transiting through other countries, please ensure you are fully aware of all relevant visa and passport requirements. If your passport is in its final year, you should check with the Embassy or country you are visiting. For further information visit



As a general rule airline tickets cannot be rerouted or transferred to another airline. All flights must be used in sequence, as booked. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of all remaining sectors and restrict any possible refund. E-tickets are only valid for a maximum of one year. Any lesser periods of validity will be detailed on your booking confirmation.


Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary worldwide, you should obtain health advice on your specific needs as early as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have fully complied with all health and immunisation requirements of the countries you may be visiting.

In some cases our destinations may not be suitable for those who use a wheelchair or have a lack of mobility. If any member of your party has any medical condition or disability which may affect your booking, please advise before you make your booking so that we can try to confirm suitability of your chosen arrangements. Regrettably, where you do not advise us in full prior to making your booking it may limit your rights under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. On occasions some of our suppliers may request completion of a medical form or a letter from a GP confirming fitness to travel.

It is important that you are fully aware of the cancellation and administrative charges relating to your contract with Golden Viza.
Accuracy of name: It is your responsibility to check that the names and titles shown on your itinerary and booking confirmation match exactly with names and titles as they appear in the passports of the people who are travelling. You must contact us immediately to advise us of any discrepancies as you may be denied boarding on your flights. A minimum amendment charge of £20 per correction will apply although you should note that some airlines will not allow corrections and will require us to rebook the flights, this may affect the price of your holiday.

Any change of itinerary before receipt of full payment on any particular ticket(s) will be termed an amendment. An amendment fee of up to £75 per change will be levied according to the amount of work involved. Any change of itinerary after receipt of full payment on any tickets(s) will be subject to applicable cancellation or amendment conditions. Please note all amendment charges are non-refundable when a booking is cancelled for any purpose.



For all confirmed bookings cancelled before receipt of full payment on any particular ticket(s), the booking deposit is forfeit. For cancellation after receipt of full payment, cancellation charges as stated on your booking confirmation will apply. Please note a £35 handling fee applies to process any residual ticket value for refund. If a booking needs to be cancelled, written notice must be given by the person who is not travelling. In certain cases cancellation charges, if incurred involuntarily, will be covered by insurance taken out at the time of booking. This is strongly recommended. Please note all flight cancellations must be notified in writing to Golden Viza prior to the day of departure. E-tickets are normally non-refundable if the reservation is not cancelled prior to the first flight.

Please note that it is your responsibility to advise airlines if you do not wish to travel on a flight booked. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of onward flights and the forfeit of any ticket refund.


As soon as we receive a refund from the issuing airline, we will forward it to you less any cancellation or administration charge. Please note most e-tickets are non-refundable if part used. Refunds usually take 8-12 weeks but in isolated cases may take longer. E-tickets expire one year from the date of issue and at this point have no refund value at all. Refunds will be processed via the original method of payment, except for cash transactions where refunds will be provided by cheque. Please note all amendment charges are non-refundable when a booking is cancelled for any purpose.


All flight reservations are subject to seat availability of the relevant booking class, which at certain times may be limited. Any alterations you may wish to make to a confirmed itinerary after departure should be addressed to the airline as soon as possible. Airline reservations are non-transferable.


Carriage by air is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier with whom you travel and to international conventions, which may limit liability. Transport timings and routings are provided by the airlines and other carriers concerned. They are subject to change as a result of air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, operational/maintenance requirements and the requirement for passengers to check in on time, over which Trailfinders has no control.

We cannot make any special arrangements for you if you are delayed since such matters are at the sole discretion of the airline concerned.


Airlines from time to time alter the schedules of their flights, this may happen either before you depart or while you are travelling. We strongly recommend that you check your onward or return flight details using the Latest Flight Timings facility in ViewTrail at least 24 hours prior to departure.

In most instances a reissue fee from the airline will apply if they allow you to remove a flight from an itinerary.

Where an airline offers advance seat assignment we will endeavour to accommodate individual preferences. However these preferences cannot be guaranteed even when confirmed and all airlines reserve the right to change or cancel seat allocations. Where an airline is in the process of improving or refreshing a cabin service or has indicated a specific aircraft type it is not possible to guarantee the improved product or the aircraft type will be available on the day of travel. These factors are due in part to aircraft rotation, equipment servicing and other operational reasons.

If you are unsure of the baggage allowance on the flights you have booked please contact your consultant or the relevant airline.

If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the cruise line, hotel, tour company, vehicle supplier or our local representative immediately, to ensure that they have the opportunity to put things right. If they cannot resolve the problem, you must contact one of Golden Viza’ UK Travel Centres immediately by telephone or by emailing so that we are given an opportunity to help. Trailfinders will not hold themselves responsible for the non-performance of an itinerary through causes beyond their control or when they are not notified of a problem at the point when remedial action can be taken. In the unlikely event that a complaint cannot be resolved at the time, you should write to us within 28 days of returning home, giving your original booking reference number and all other relevant information. If you fail to take any of these steps this will hinder our ability to put any problem right and/or investigate it fully and any right you may have to receive compensation will be reduced or completely invalidated.


We both agree that English Law will apply to your contract and any dispute, claim or other matter which arises out of or in connection with this contract or your holiday, will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales only unless, in the case of Court proceedings, you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland. In this case, proceedings may be brought in the Courts of your home country and you may choose to have your contract governed by the law of Scotland or Northern Ireland as applicable.

GoldenViza Ltd. takes the collection, processing and management of customer data very seriously. The company strives to be fully GDPR compliant and we routinely review our data management policies. We have measures in place to protect the personal booking information held by us and passed on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements. These may include public authorities such as customs and immigration along with security or credit card services. If you travel outside the European Economic Area (EEA), controls on data protection may not be as strong as those within the EEA. Unless required to do so by law, we will only pass on your information to persons responsible for your travel arrangements, which may include sensitive information such as details of disabilities, dietary or religious requirements. When making a booking you are consenting to the relevant information being passed on as above. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our policies in relation to the capture and processing of your personal data please refer to the full Privacy Statement on our website: